5 Crock Pot Cleaning Tips – Find Out How Your Crock Pot Can Magically Clean Itself!

5 Crock Pot Cleaning Tips and a sink full of dirty dishes.

You had a fun Sunday night, and your football team won the big game! My winners are the Green Bay Packers, by the way! But there is one dilemma before you can go to bed. That’s the dreaded cleaning of your crockpot! Nooooooo!!!!!!!!! You are going to need some crock pot cleaning tips to get … Read more

Green Bay Packers Facts | A Legend Is Born!

Green Bay Packers Facts

The Green Bay Packers have been around a long time. It all started on August 11th, 1919. The original founders were George Calhoun and Curly Lambeau. The Packers name was pulled from a company that Curly Lambeau had worked for called the Indian Packing Company. This company gave Mr. Lambeau $500 for equipment and uniforms. … Read more