Hello Football Fans!

CoryMy name is Cory and I am a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan! I have watched the NFL on tv since I was young. At a recent football party that I attended, I noticed that the guy that was hosting the party had a Packer’s crockpot full of chili. I thought that was so cool a crockpot with an NFL teams logo on it!

I quickly bought one for my kitchen. The next time I have a football party I will have a cool looking crockpot to put my chili in that has the Green Bay Packers logo on it.

I decided to build this website to share my love for tailgating food and the awesome crockpot that I use to make it in. Within this website, you will find recipe ideas for tailgating and gameday foods you can make in your crockpot along with a simple guide on how you can get your own Football Crock Pot!