Hello Football Fans!

We are the Nellis Family and we are HUGE football fans! We’ve watched the NFL in person, on tv, with our friends and extended family for more than six decades.  At a recent football party, we noticed that the host of the party had a Packer’s crockpot full of chili. Now our family is mostly populated with Chicago Bears fans, with a few Packers (and Lions) fans sprinkled in.  Even so, we thought the idea of having our favorite team on a Crock Pot was pretty dope.  Sure enough, the company who makes Crock Pots had licenses with the NFL and many college teams – so we ordered our Chicago Bears pot.  Soon enough, our friends and family members were asking us where we got our crock pot and this site was born.

Sadly, the NFL crockpots are so popular that many of them sell out (except for the Lions crockpot which can be ordered here).  Today’s crockpots are not the ones your grandparents used and they now make them to be used at home or on-the-go at a party or your tailgate.  Our goal is to showcase all kinds of fun and fan-favorite gear for your football parties and tailgates.  You will find recipe ideas for tailgating and gameday foods you can make in your crockpot along with other accessories to show your team love.